Global Fellowship of Christian Youth

The International Junior Section Team Games is a great way for your local group (Company) to take part in an international event without even leaving your home town! Global Fellowship has teamed up with Boys’ Brigade UK & RoI to bring you this annual event.

4th Bankgok Company taking part in Team Games
BB members in Bangkok taking part in the International Team Games

Teams comprise 8 to 12 years olds in groups of 6 who complete 6 different games/challenges, record the result and see how they compare with other groups around the world.

You pick the place and time – most Companies do it in their normal weekly meeting time, so there is no travelling needed, there is minimal equipment required and you pick someone from outside your group to be a judge.

We receive hundreds of entries from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Australia, Thailand, Ghana, New Zealand and Denmark – and each year we want to get more entries and include further countries around the world!

Who can take part
The activity is open to all Global Fellowship member organisations and also Boys’ Brigade organisations that are not members of Global Fellowship.

The Concept
The games are to be carried out by a 6 young people aged 8-12 years old (Junior Section / No.1 Section) and involve very little equipment. Your team can practise the games, and then indicate that the next try will be the one that counts! The judge marks the score and after all 6 games are completed, the results are sent to The Boys’ Brigade UK and Republic of Ireland Headquarters before 1st April of that session year.

When all the results are collected, a league table of all the entries is released, and every entry gets a certificate to show what position they came in the world! It is a truly exciting opportunity for young people to feel a part of an international organisation, learn to work together as a team and also to play fairly. See last year’s result here.

The Rules
Full rules for the competition are issued when entries are received.

How to Submit your results.
You can either send them by post to The Boys’ Brigade United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland Headquarters, or email them to Global Fellowship and we will pass them on.

The Games
There is a new set of games issued every year and the latest set of materials is posted on the website. The six games are described in the PDF file, however if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Some Companies prefer to do the games in their normal weekly meetings, while others create a special event where several Companies in the same town come together and do the games at the same time. It is up to each Company to decide how and when to carry out the games.