Global Fellowship of Christian Youth

Global Fellowship is committed to the principles of youth empowerment and supports young people to gain the skills to impact their own lives and lives of other individuals, organizations and communities.

Global Fellowship is grateful to FDF in Denmark for its financial support enabling two young people aged 18 – 28 from member organisations to attend its new international leadership-training program in Denmark each year.

Details of how to apply are sent to national secretaries, usually in January, but for further information please contact the CEO at any time.

Some details about the High School and the program:

About Silkeborg Højskole –

The School’s roots
Silkeborg Højskole was founded by FDF. The children’s and youth organisation based upon the Danish established church forms our hinterland. So the Christian view of life is part of our school. We have roots. But of course you are free in relation to our view of life. We do not make any specific denominational demands as to who you are and what you believe in. On the contrary, this is a place where you may breathe freely. By meeting the viewpoints and experience of other people you gain a deeper understanding of your own self and get an insight into the world we live in.

Silkeborg Højskole sees itself as a school deeply rooted in the folk high school traditions founded by Grundtvig. First and foremost this means that the human being and human life are decisive factors. The quality of a long-term stay at our school should be measured on whether the stay supports the individual in being a human being and becoming a fellow human being. A stay at Silkeborg Højskole should nourish the individual student’s personal development and be a practice in social responsibility. This also means that the high school as a school is an experiment: a school without exams – but still a school. Students come here to learn and become wiser, but the idea is that willing hands make light work.

An open expanse
A Danish “højskole” is an adult boarding school, and Silkeborg Højskole provides opportunities and challenges. It’s a place where you can partake in a humanly binding fellowship and meet committed, qualified teachers. Each and every one of our teachers is enthusiastic about his/her subjects and interests, and they and the rest of our staff are keen on involving you in the experience of the school as an open expanse where you can thrive.

Our courses last 4 – 5 months. You have the opportunity of choosing among some 30 different subjects, which may bring you new knowledge, train new skills and challenge your attitudes. We put emphasis on subjects such as Nature and Outdoor life, Music, Politics, Art, Sports, Third-world studies, Philosophy, Theology and Religion, Literature, Pedagogic, Psychology, Ecology, Intercultural Learning, Sociology etc.

Scenic location
Silkeborg Højskole is located on the outskirts of Silkeborg on the shore of Silkeborg Langsø, right in the heart of the unique Lake District of Jutland with hills and forestland stretching down to the shores of Silkeborg Langsø. Here you can walk, bike or paddle right into the heart of nature – or in 10 minutes you can be in the town centre with shops, train and bus links and an abundance of cultural events.

State-of-the-art facilities
Silkeborg Højskole is a modern Danish folk high school offering many fine settings for learning: swimming hall, sports hall, auditorium, music studios with digital recording facilities and practice rooms, art workshops, canoe and kayak centre, outdoor camp ground, library, wireless internet access, lecture rooms, students’ café etc.

Silkeborg Højskole as an international environment
At Silkeborg Højskole we consider international involvement a most important issue and via both instruction and social activities we try to encourage dialogue and understanding between our Danish students and students coming from different geographical and cultural backgrounds. Common activities carried out in Danish will be translated into English simultaneously.

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