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Once again Global Fellowship and Silkeborg Højskole can offer one place on the 19 weeks international leadership training programme at Silkeborg Højskole in Denmark.  

The school’s Principal sends us these words on Change Maker: 

Dear friends in Global Fellowship 

We hereby have the privilege to invite one of your young leaders to attend a semester of international leadership training at FDF’s high school in Silkeborg, Denmark from 9th of August 2020 to 19th of December 2020. 

We call the leadership-training program “Change Makers” and wish to create an international environment for young leaders, where they during their stay and studies at FDF’s high school, Silkeborg Højskole, can share knowledge and visions regarding their roles as young leaders at home in their own youth organisation. 

Participants must be between 20 – 28 years of age. 

Change Makers is a main subject with an international flavour. The lessons are based in English and attract students from Denmark and all over the world. In this subject the students will cultivate a desire to make a world of difference in their community and maybe even an idea of what area, project or cause they would like to support. 

Many people think the youth are leaders of tomorrow, but we think they are the leaders of today. Youth led social initiatives make a huge difference in the world. Change Makers will empower you with a toolbox of skills, knowledge and experiences that will leave you equipped to make positive changes in your community after the semester. 

Intercultural environment 

Join a group of young people from around the world who share a passion for improving their communities and contributing to the UN Global Goals. Sharing a classroom with people from 10 countries from every corner of the globe is a huge cultural meeting. As a diverse team you will work together to cooperate on projects which will give you advanced intercultural understanding skills. If you can work with a team of people with different values, religions and cultures, then no challenge is too big for you and you can save the world. 

Ideas into action 

We will look at the process of project management, how to organise, plan and distribute roles. What happens when your project doesn’t go to plan? How do you handle the chaos and challenges when you have excessive time pressures, when your friend doesn’t complete their task or when there are budget overspends? How can you use all these challenges to improve your project and address a conflict with a positive outcome? Change Makers is a testing lab within a playground of ideas for your project management skills. Here you will become an expert on how to turn your values and ideas into action. 

Experiential learning 

We have a large focus on learning through doing – so looking at a theory in a hands on style with reflection after on what was experienced. For example looking at brainstorming theories or methods and following them through, working through brainstorms following different methods when approaching many different small and large projects we will tackle during the semester. 


You will create projects in many forms which reflect your talents, it could be: street art, viral YouTube videos, board games, newspaper articles, lectures to school children, webpages, games with scouts, social media campaign, etc… 

your imagination is the limit. 

Change Makers Modules 

  • Transforming ideas into actions 
  • Conflict transformation 
  • Project management 
  • Leadership skills and experience 
  • Creativity in social change 
  • Youth participation / Youth Empowerment 
  • Networking, organisational structures and gaining influence 
  • Group Dynamics and team building 
  • Protest and civil rights around resistance 
  • Human rights Vs Human rights 


Silkeborg Højskole will meet the following costs in connection to the program: 

  • International flight tickets 
  • Visa and visa fees 
  • Transportation in Denmark 
  • Food and lodging in Denmark and at Silkeborg Højskole 
  • Studies at Silkeborg Højskole 
  • Health insurance in Denmark 

We ask you if possible to meet your costs at home like for instance domestic transportation in connection with the project and pocket money in Denmark 

If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. 

In Christ’s name. Yours sincerely, 

Jacob Zakarias Eyermann, Principal 


Applications for the programme should be made through and have the recommendation of the national organisation of which the applicant is a member. Therefore individuals interested should submit their application to their organisation’s national secretary for consideration. Applications should then be forwarded by the national organisation to Ulrich Piltoft, Global Fellowship CEO at  

Applicants must be between 20 – 28 years of age. Applications for people outside of these ages will not be considered. 

Applicants should submit their CV and a letter outlining why they wish to be considered for the programme. The application must contain the name, address, date of birth and sex of the candidate as well as their current role in the organisation. In the application, the national organisation must also outline how the applicant will be involved in the organisation’s work upon return drawing on experiences from the course.  

Global Fellowship will work with the successful candidate before, during and after the programme and it is hoped that the person will contribute to the ongoing development of Global Fellowship as well as that of their own organisation. 

Applications must be made to Global Fellowship by 29th of March 2020. Applications received after 29th March 2020 will not be considered. 

Please note that submission of an application does not mean you have secured a place on the programme. The successful candidate and the member organisation will be informed as soon as possible following 1st April. They will receive an official invitation by name in order to start applying for a residence permit in Denmark and obtain a visa. Be aware that the visa process in Denmark is very long and has to be granted by 1st July or the invitation to participate will be cancelled. 

Important note regarding visa: Our experience is that visa for long stay cannot be handled by a Danish consulate in your country but need a Danish embassy to handle an application. In Africa that means that only embassies in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya can handle the visa application. 

Below is further information regarding the programme, but should you have any specific questions that are unanswered, please contact us. 

Further information 

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