Global Fellowship of Christian Youth

Our Trustees:

Tim Pratt
Chairman, Boys’ Brigade New Zealand
Tim has previously served as a Baptist minister and has worked for BBNZ.

Paul Kabanda
ExCo Member, Boys’ Brigade Uganda

Simon Gallaher
ExCo Member, Boys’ Brigade UK & RoI

Ane Kolby Kristiansen
ExCo Member, FDF Denmark.
Ane works as a communication consultant with a masters degree in political communication.

David Martin
ExCo Member and Treasurer, Boys’ Brigade UK & RoI

Bill Stevenson
ExCo Member and Secretary, Boys’ Brigade UK & RoI. Former Chief Executive in BBUK and RoI.

You can get in touch with the Trustees by email

Our Staff

African Development Manager: Masauso Mwanza (
Masauso started September 2019 and work with Member Organisations within Africa. He lives in Zambia and have been chair of BB Zambia and Global Fellowship.

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