Global Fellowship is an international umbrella organisation connecting 62 youth organisations in 60 countries around the world. The vast majority of our family of organisations is Boys’ Brigade, together with a variety of kindred organisations like FDF Denmark and Junior Ministry India.

Global Fellowship consists of 62 national organisations each of which is autonomous. Where practical and beneficial to all parties concerned member organisations are encouraged to work in partnership on areas such as programme development and leader training.  Organisations within Regions may organise joint activities for young people and leaders.

Council Meetings

Every three years a Council Meeting is held for member organisations of Global Fellowship. Every organisation is welcome to attend and vote. Voting strength of organisations is determined by its membership, (the more young people who are members of the organisation, the more votes the organisation holds). Individuals who are representing their organisation can also stand to be elected onto the Executive Committee. The Council Meeting hears reports from the General Manager, the Treasurer and the Chairman of the Executive Committee. The strategy for the previous three years is evaluated and the proposed strategy for the coming three years can be discussed. The next Council Meeting will be held in 2025.

Executive Committee (ExCo)

The ExCo is elected every 3 years and an individual cannot serve more than 3 terms (a maximum of 9 years). Once elected the four ExCo members choose a Chairman from among themselves and propose a treasurer to join them. Four ExCo members are elected at the Council Meeting for a three year term and there can be no more than 1 from any organisation or more than 2 from any geographical region. The treasurer is also confirmed by the meeting. Those five members of ExCo can co-opt up to two other people to join them if they wish, so ExCo can be between 5-7 people.

Global Fellowship Constitution

A copy of the latest Constitution agreed in 2002 can be downloaded here (PDF).

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