Find out about how we are investing in member organisations through our grants for projects and activities.

GF is committed to supporting and ‘investing in our member organisations’ to accomplish their goals. We want to work with organisations to help them develop. We not only can provide financial assistance, but also offer other forms of assistance such as support from personnel with expertise in areas that would benefit your organisation. Financial assistance is now likely to be in the order of $500 – $1,000 depending on the nature of the project.

Past examples of financial assistance are:

East Africa
A grant was provided to support the production of an East African Training Manual. This booklet has harmonised leadership training across the member organisations in the area.  Currently, GF is looking at how best to aid its implementation through support for training of trainers.

A direct grant was provided for BB Burundi to train leaders to extend the work into another Anglican Diocese.


At the 125th anniversary camp in Antigua, GF provided a small grant to enable a development workshop to take place looking at extension within the islands.


BB Zambia applied for a grant to purchase an embroidery machine to enable the organisation to produce its own uniforms. GF provided the funding, an element of which was given as a loan to be repaid once the uniform production facility is up and running.

Find out more about how your organisation can benefit from financial assistance through our ‘Investing in Member Organisations‘ initiative.

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