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Opportunities coming up:

BB Australia National Camp – January 2020
PA Camps are held every three years at various locations around Australia, even in Papua New Guinea in the early seventies. The Camps have always had an international emphasis with Boys and Officers travelling from many parts of the B.B. world. PAC2020 will include the usual PAC highlights being a part of the Big Brigade Picture (from all around Australia and BB around the World). It will include on-site activities and off-site experiences of some of Australia’s unique iconic attractions.
Find out more at

BB Caribbean International Camp – July 16-25 2020
The camp will be held in Anguilla. 

FDF National Camp – July 2021
FDF openly invite Global Fellowship members to join them for their National Camp taking place in July 2021. Further details will be shared with member organisations.

International Junior Section Team Games – Nov to May
A great way for your local group (Company) to take part in an international event without even leaving your home town! Global Fellowship has teamed up with Boys’ Brigade UK & RoI to bring you this annual event.

International Youth Empowerment – Annually
Global Fellowship is grateful to FDF in Denmark for its financial support enabling a young person aged 18 – 28 from member organisations to attend its new international leadership-training program in Denmark each year.

European Fellowship Events
european fellowsshipMember organisations in Europe may be able to participate in activities run by the European Fellowship. Find out more at

Share details of your event

Being part of a global family of Christian youth organisations brings many wonderful opportunities. There are camps, training courses and activities ready to enrich our members throughout the world. We want to advertise your activities so please send the details to and we shall publicise.

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