Global Fellowship is an international umbrella organisation connecting Christian youth organisations in 60 countries around the world. The vast majority of our family of organisations is Boys’ Brigade, together with a variety of kindred organisations like FDF, Denmark.

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Bill Stevenson – General Manager

Our recruitment process for a part time General Manager to Global Fellowship of Christian youth received considerable interest from around the globe. Following a selection process and interviews prior to Christmas, we are delighted to announce that Mr Bill Stevenson has been appointed to the position.

Bill has recently served the organisation as a Trustee and in this capacity acted as our volunteer Interim Secretary amid the Covid crisis. Bill brings to the role a lifetime of experience with The Boys’ Brigade in Scotland and the UK & RoI where he has recently served as Brigade Secretary. He brings to the organisation many management and relational skills that will support the development of our member organisations.  Bill is now in post and can be contacted on Please pray for Bill and for the Executive Committee as he assumes his new role.