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BB members in Christchurch, New Zealand enjoy a tramp during the Camp! ...

Otira camp 2017 boys having a blast even a day tramp on the damp.

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Great to see members of The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of Brockton, Massachusetts in the USA working on putting together their box for their Christmas toy drive to Haiti. They are getting as many toys as they can to send to a charity they are supporting ‘Children in Haiti’. ...

Today, we worked on our box for Christmas toy drive to Haiti. We are excited to send as many toys to our friends - Children in Haiti.

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Busy few days coming up. Training Workshop in Kampala for East African organisations and the organisations in Central and Southern Africa are meeting at two venues (Ndola and Cape Town) to look at strategy and support. The prayers of the wider family for successful outcomes welcomed. ...

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Investing in Organisations

Global Fellowship is committed to supporting our member organisation to accomplish their goals. To work with organisations development we have developed the Investing in Organisations scheme. Our focus is on working with organisations so that they become strong and independent with a clear vision for their own future. We have broken that process into four stages:

Stage 1: Setting Up
At this stage, a new member organisation will be seeking to establish itself. It will be trying to recruit and train leaders and to increase the number of young people in membership. We will support you in the early stages of growth. We will not usually invest in capital items (such as offices, vehicles, computers etc). We will seek to help you to develop training programmes and activities for young people. Usually we would invest up to £1,500.00 over a period of 12 months. You can apply for further assistance at the end of that period. We would not usually expect to offer this support for more than three years.

Stage 2: Developing Capacity
At this stage, a member organisation will be forming a national structure and planning for the future. Although the organisation may employ staff, elected volunteers will have overall responsibility for it. They will usually form an executive or management committee. That group will be seeking to develop and implement a plan for the organisation’s future. At this stage, we will support you by coming alongside you and offering advice as well as finance. Members of the GF mentoring team will meet with your national committee. If necessary, they will assist in your planning for the healthy development of the organisation. They will help you to document yours plans. They will also guide you towards stage 3. Mentors will remain in contact with you for the duration of the project. At this stage, we would invest up to £5,000.00 over a period of 12 months. You can apply for further assistance at the end of that period but we would not usually expect to offer this support for more than three years.

Stage 3: Achieving Financial Freedom
At this stage, a member organisation will be seeking to become financially self sufficient. You will have a genuine commitment to that goal. You will have a realistic plan to achieve it. GF is likely to appoint a mentor to work with you in developing and achieving that plan. There is no specific limit on how much GF will invest at this stage. But GF will only support your proposals if they are likely to succeed and if they offer good value for money. Ordinarily GF will consider projects for a period of up to five years.

Stage 4: Adding Value
At this stage, a member organisation is healthy and independent but wants to do something new which it cannot do by itself. At this stage, GF will consider investments of up to £5,000.00 for a project that is to be completed over a period of 12 months. GF will consider whether your proposals represent value for money and what level of impact they will achieve. You will need to show that the money will make a real difference to the organisation and its work with young people. GF’s investment at this stage is a “one off” event and is unlikely to be repeated.

What sort of projects will Global Fellowship support?
GF will prioritise projects which aim to maximise the impact of the funds provided. Proposals which include significant elements of “self-help” are more likely to succeed. That means that you need to commit your own resources or to raise a proportion of the funding yourself.

The Process
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is always available to answer any questions that you may have. You can send any application for assistance to him at any time. Please send your application in writing (preferably scanned and emailed to Your application must be signed by (1) the President or Chairman and (2) the Treasurer or another Trustee of the organisation. We have prepared a checklist of the information we will need.

Once we receive your proposals, the CEO will be in contact with you if he needs to obtain any further information. The CEO will work with you to present the application to the GF Executive Committee (ExCo) in the best possible light.

ExCo meets twice a year: usually around March and October. It makes the final decision on any application for assistance.

ExCo can respond to an application in any of the following ways:

  • approve the project and offer to invest the full sum
  • approve the project and offer to invest some of the money (leaving you to find another source of funding for the rest of the project)
  • approve the project but decide only to invest in instalments or in arrears
  • offer an interest free loan which must be re-paid at a certain point in the future
  • suggest that the organisation considers a different project
  • reject the application.

Soon after an ExCo meeting, the CEO will tell you what ExCo has decided.
When we approve an application, we will enter into a written agreement with you. That agreement will record the terms and conditions of our partnership. These will vary depending on the nature of the project.

We hope that your project will be a success. However, we have also produced a document which sets out what action we will take if you do not comply with the partnership agreement. We will send you a copy of this when we send you the agreement.

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