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BB members in Christchurch, New Zealand enjoy a tramp during the Camp! ...

Otira camp 2017 boys having a blast even a day tramp on the damp.

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Great to see members of The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of Brockton, Massachusetts in the USA working on putting together their box for their Christmas toy drive to Haiti. They are getting as many toys as they can to send to a charity they are supporting ‘Children in Haiti’. ...

Today, we worked on our box for Christmas toy drive to Haiti. We are excited to send as many toys to our friends - Children in Haiti.

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Busy few days coming up. Training Workshop in Kampala for East African organisations and the organisations in Central and Southern Africa are meeting at two venues (Ndola and Cape Town) to look at strategy and support. The prayers of the wider family for successful outcomes welcomed. ...

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International Partnerships

Connecting local groups from different countries is a fantastic way to get an international experience without even leaving town!

Youth organisations can play a large part of a young person’s development of international understanding and co-operation through contacts with young people from other countries and cultures. This international contact helps young people to develop an awareness of life outside their own immediate sphere and assists them in recognising and respecting the differences that exist between the nations and races of the world.

How to get started
To connect with another company / circle / local group we first ask you to disucss the idea with other leaders from your local group to make sure everyone involved is aware of your actions.

You should also consider what type of partnership you are looking for. Do you want to exchange information (pictures, videos, stories etc) or are you looking to also visit another group abroad / host another group?
Please email your details to, including:

  • Info about your company: the name, how many young people and in what age groups. How many leaders. When do you meet and for how long. What are the typical activities, or describe one of your recent programs. This will help us to find a similar group
  • What is your aim with partnering: Are you looking to exchange experiences, sending pics and videos between the young people, are you looking to teach them about another country? Are you looking to host visitors or go to visit another country? Are you looking to partner with a company from a specific country or region?

The Process
We will then find a group that has a similar age range of young people and similar aims. This process might take a few weeks depending on many factors (How specific the request is, how quickly the communication flows through organisational structures etc).

When a potential match has been found, the two group leaders will be connected and you should begin to discuss your ideas – beginning with your aims (why you want to have a partnerhsip), some ideas of the actions (sending of videos, pictures, exchanging programs etc) and the time frame (how long should the actions last).

Usually this is an enthusiastic beginning to the partnership, but it is very important to be very honest and straightforward at this stage. If the two groups have very different aims or expectations it is best to find new partners at this stage, rather than entering a cooperation that will leave both sides frustrated and unforfilled.

More Help
Boys’ Brigade, FDF, PTK, NK, Junior Ministry and all our organisations take many different forms in different countries, with everything from age groups, section names, uniforms, badges, games, prayers, regulations, typical activities, how often they meet, leadership training and structure all can be very different to what you are used to in your local group and organisation. Sometimes this can lead to unexpected barriers or misunderstandings between partners. You are very welcome to get in contact with Global Fellowship if you require any further help, or have questions about International Partnerships.

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